Local News updates from the Radio Cardiff Newsdesk on the half-hour weekdays from 7:30am – 6:30pm; UK News updates on the hour, around the clock from The Radio News Hub.

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Temple Vibes
Emily Williams from The Temple of Peace & her guests with your Thursday morning mojo

The Shake Up Show
Queen Neffe with music to get you moving

The Zoe Gauci Show
Zoe Gauci & guests with music and chat

Mann Behind The Mic
MannHoff Dee brings the energy to your Thursday afternoon.

Mann behind the mic with MannHoff Dee! New R.C recruit MannHoff Dee, presents his weekly show, Thursday 3-5pm. His show comes in two parts:- Part 1) covering the current chart, chatting and connecting with listeners, local news and highlighting forthcoming events. Part 2) Exploring particular music genres, focusing on one era or decade in time or even one particular legendary artist. This part of the show will change weekly. Not forgetting, he wants to play what you want to hear so get involved and have your say. MannHoff promises to bring the energy to your Thursday afternoon.

Pythagoras' Trousers

Pitch / Illustration / Radio
Arts & Culture show

Groove Allegiance
Funk show with Martin Pollard

The Roland Westlake Selection
DJ Roland Westlake with RnB, House, Soul and Hip Hop (Rpt. of Saturday's show)

Radio Cardiff Breakfast
Kelly RB wakes up Cardiff with great music, chat, news and traffic

Radio Cardiff Nightride
The best night time music mix from Radio Cardiff's vast collection

DJ Andy Loveless with club music from the 80s & 90s (Rpt. of Sunday's show)

Radio Cardiff Drivetime
Latifah Charles with the coolest, funkiest, chocliest sounds on the drive home every Thursday. Top tunes, competitions, traffic & travel news.

The Terrace
Chris O'Brien with an hour of sports opinion, interviews and more from in, around, and beyond the capital city

*Repeats indicated in pink