The FORM UKBlues Awards – Finalists Announced, Voting Starts

1st February 2018

Today, the finalists in the FORM UKBlues Awards are announced, and the public voting has started.

You can browse the finalists in each of the categories by visiting the just released Finalists page – .

The UKBlues Federation created a panel of 361 musicians, reviewers, promoters, broadcasters, bloggers, festival organisers and UKBlues Federation members. They also invited anybody who wanted to be part of this panel to apply to be included and received more than 30 applications. In mid-December they were all contacted and asked to make their three choices in all the awards categories.

On their website you will find links and, where relevant, links to videos for each of the finalists which will give you the opportunity to get to know anybody who is new to you and remind yourself of those with whom you are already familiar

Voting in the FORM UKBlues Awards opens on 1st February 2018 but before you will be able to vote you will be required to go through a simple registration process. This is in place as a security and management measure.

The Rules applicable to the voting process are outlined here–