Connor Morgans

Youth Beats

Presented By: Connor Morgans

When: Saturday’s 1-2pm (repeated Sundays 5-6am)

Youth Beats is a youth-oriented show with the inclusion of all the need to knows about the local youth community in Cardiff. Not only that, host Connor Morgans plays brand new music ranging from major chart toppers to indie star ups with his unique ‘Future Classic’ feature you can expect to hear a track every week which he thinks will gain major attention in the coming weeks.

Every single ‘Future Classic’ can be found on a a unique Spotify playlist titled ‘Youth Beats – Future Classic’. Finally, Connor provides laughs and entertainment throughout, probably.

Did you know?

Host Connor Morgans started his Radio Cardiff career back as a trainee news reader and later a producer and co-host of the now disbanded ‘Soulful Saturday’.

Connor has also been apart of special events throughout Radio Cardiff including ‘Radio Cardiff In A Day’, ‘Track of 2016’ as well as covering the likes of many presenters throughout the week, so how knows when you’ll hear Connor?

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