Louise Schofield

Unique Lullaby

with Louise Schofield

Tuesdays 11.00am-1.00pm

Louise is a happy smiley thing who loves helping out new musicians. Each week she chooses an underground unsigned musician to be her artist of the week which includes live sessions, interviews and a spin of their track. She also has lots of chat, a range of different eras of music and an awesome ‘On this Day in music’ fact each week.

She writes a music blog called Unique Lullaby linked with her show and lots of filmed interviews and sessions with the introducing artists. Find out more on the YouTube channel (external link).

She was a pure 90’s kid and the first record she ever bought was Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ and she bloomin’ loved it!

Did you know?

Louise was actually in a college music video for one of Jake Bugg’s early songs ‘Love me the way you do’ (external link) when she was 16. Her only ‘claim to fame!’.

She has been involved in radio since she was 18, having many shows on student radio before getting her Radio Cardiff slot.

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