Nikki D and Scorpion

The Linkup Show

Presented by DJ Scorps!!

Monday & Wednesday 3-5pm

Tune in for a catch up on the Linkup Show every Wednesday with DJ Scorps!! (if he ever shuts up!) alongside the lovely (but not too clever) Nikki D for two hours of fresh beats and feel good vibes.

Get involved and come join the ride.

Text your shout-outs and big ups to 07728 758 759.

There is something for everyone, time to kick back and relax with an afternoon mix of feel good music (reggae, soul, motown) for you to “rock wid tha riddims, or move wid tha grooves”, with a little ‘something different’ track each week for the listeners to choose.

So tune-in or log-on – one thing for sure; its going to be fast, it’s going to be exciting and it’s gonna be FUN!!!