Zoe Gauci

The Latin Night In

Presented by Zoe Gauci

Every last Wednesday of the month

The Latin Night In does what it says on the tin! Latin tunes, be them the pure stuff from country of origin or anything with a Latin flavour.

So we’re talking bossa nova and samba from Brazil , salsa from Cuba, Puerto Rico and New York, tango from Argentina, flamenco from Spain. Then when it comes to anything with a Latin Flavour things get more exciting and varied, meaning house, latin jazz , hip hop , drum and bass and more…whatever has that sasasa!!

The show moves through upbeat and rhythmic to pure lounge chill out…particularly at the end when we wind down late on a Wednesday.

Did you know?

Zoe had the pleasure, freedom and privilege to travel the Latin Americas in her 20s (funded by hard saving and picking up great little jobs on her travels, running a backpacker hostel on the Atlantic coast of Honduras for example!).

And prior to that, she soaked up the cosmopolitan life in Barcelona for a year TEFLing (teaching English). Then before that a year in Japan TEFLing near Tokyo, a city that loves its Latin Jazz too.

All these experiences further fuelled her love and passion for those Latin vibes!

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