Mr Bless'On

The Human Paradox

Presented by Mr. Bless’On

Tuesday 7-8pm

#TheHumanParadox is a weekly social commentary show exploring the contradictions of true life experiences. Through interviews, creative writing, arts and music, the show is geared at stimulating discussions on different aspects of life including personal development and diversity by challenging perceptions, stereotypes, conscious and unconscious biases.

Mr. Bless’On is an award-winning presenter, having won the maiden Radio Cardiff Music Award for Best Male Presenter in 2009.

His early formative years as a child of Christian missionaries developed his love for community outreach and public speaking. Years of travelling, living in a multilingual household and growing up among a dozen of other languages and nationalities, diversity in culture will later influence his interest for social commentary.

The dilemma of communicating his complex views of society to a dynamic audience, pushed his pen (through his poetry he inscribed his thoughts) whiles the mic asserted his thoughts; and music as the international language. As Radio embraced all the above, his love, passion and lifelong commitment to radio was thus born. The rest is history…

Did you know?

Mr. Bless’On has worked in the media industry running his own record label, Artistes Management, marketing, PR, image consultancy, life coaching, youth and community work and presently works in diversity, inclusion and equality.

Poetry is his major interest.

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