Sportified IMIS

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Friday 3-5pm

Sportified IMIS (Iconic Moments in Sport) fuses music of black origin with iconic moments in sport history, and world sports news.

At the age of 6 CJ became a young carer to his mother who was diagnosed with a series of limiting medical conditions. In order to alleviate the stressors associated with being a young carer, CJ was introducted to Radio Cardiff managers, trained to be a ‘Youth Beats’ presenter.

In the following years he became an independent DJ at Spice Route’s Restaurant in the Cardiff Bay Red Dragon Centre and has written articles for:

In 2008 CJ went along to open days and took entrance examinations at 2 of Wales’s most prestigious independent schools. He passed both examinations and was offered a scholarship.

Unfortunately, as his caring role became more demanding due to a deterioration in his mother’s health he was unable to continue with his placement. Through these circumstances he began to build an online social media presence for himself where he caught the attention of Shout Magazine who featured a 2-page spread on the radio personality, his co-host and the station building an international awareness of young carer roles.

During the 2012 Black History Month Wales CJ was invited to be a guest speaker discussing the issues surrounding young Caribbean boys in education.

In 2013 CJ won the BBC Rotary Great Britain and Ireland Young Citizens Award for his work in radio and as a young carer activist. He chose to donate the prize money back to the young carer organisation that had initially supported him during his hours of need.

Did you know?

In 2016 CJ will be writing for The Call and Post, Cleveland’s 1st African American newspaper to be published.

He plans to volunteer alongside Dean Alexander for Birmingham’s BIFF (Black International Film Festival), the MViSAs (Music Video and Screen Awards).

And he’ll be studying towards a degree in various health and sports science subjects whilst caring for his Mother, Grandmother and Uncle.

It is CJ’s hope to train other young carers in radio broadcast, so that they too can tell their oral stories and have the same opportunities afforded to CJ through the support of Radio Cardiff staff and volunteers.

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