Richard Huw Morgan and Amelia Johnstone

Pitch Illustration Radio

with Richard Huw Morgan and Amelia Johnstone

Thursdays 7.00-8.00pm

Listen again Saturdays 6.00-7.00am

Pitch Illustration Radio (PIR) is a weekly conversation between people in arts and culture in Cardiff, be they residents or just passing through. Hosted by Richard Huw Morgan and Amelia Johnstone with a regular gaggle of collaborators, the programme aims to present the arts as a normal part of everyday life, rather than elitist, ‘celebrified’ sensation or mere entertainment.

PIR aims to provide a platform for the Capital’s arts community to discuss their work, why it’s important to them and to consider its wider socio/political or moral impact. From students to internationally recognised artists and cultural commentators, PIR aims to encapsulate the wealth of artistic activity that makes Cardiff such a vibrant city.

The original ‘Pitch’ started in 2011 as a 12 week art project with Richard and ‘good cop, bad cop’ performance collaborator John Rowley. Pitch quickly became a focus for the Cardiff arts community, and forgot to stop!

In January Amelia and Richard joined forces with her ideas for Illustration radio, where images are conjured in the mind of the listener. Amelia is interested in the encounter of radio, its illustrative phenomenological qualities, which add to the sensory experience, wherever you might be listening.

“In broadcasting your audience is conjectural, but it is an audience of one. Millions may be listening, but each is listening alone, or as a member of a small group, and each has (or ought to have) the feeling that you are speaking to him individually. More than this, it is reasonable to assume that your audience is sympathetic, or at least interested, for anyone who is bored can probably switch you off by turning a knob. But though presumably sympathetic, the audience has no power over you” – George Orwell from his essay ‘Poetry and the Microphone’.