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You can catch Radio Cardiff News on the hour, every hour from 8.00am-7.00pm weekdays and 9.00am-6.00pm on weekends.

Hourly national updates as well as weekday sports, business and entertainment updates are provided by Radio News Hub. Radio Cardiff’s news team present local news & weather bulletins Monday to Saturday mornings and world news updates on Sundays. Weekday afternoon local updates are provided by the news team at Xpress Radio. Listen to the latest local and world news bulletins below.

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Did you know?

Our local news updates are offered to other stations based in and around Cardiff free of charge. Radio Cardiff’s World News on Sunday is also broadcast by a number of stations around the UK including our partners Ujima Radio in Bristol, New Style Radio in Birmingham and Inspiration FM in Northampton.

The news team is always looking for new volunteers to join our team – if you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch!

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Meet the Team

Rhys Phillips heads up the news team at Radio Cardiff. He also presents A Slice of Jazz and Pythagoras’ Trousers on the station. Away from Radio Cardiff, Rhys protects aircraft from lightning strikes for Airbus Group and can be found playing trumpet in his own jazz band.

Richard Huw Morgan presents the news on Mondays mornings. Richard is one half of Welsh performance company, ‘good cop, bad cop‘ and can also be found presenting Radio Cardiff’s arts show, Pitch/Illustration/Radio.

Daniel Cullinane presents the news on Tuesday mornings. Daniel is studying performance and media at the University of South Wales. He can also be found presenting on Dragon Radio and Newport City Radio.

Dan Donnelly presents the news on Wednesday mornings. When not at Radio Cardiff, you can find Dan at BEWT creative art & photography studios in Cardiff Bay.

Matt Jones presents the news on Thursday mornings. He has moved to Cardiff from San Diego and when not behind the microphone, he enjoys playing guitar and meeting new people.

Tamina Ali presents the news on Friday mornings. Away from the radio studios, Tamina works for Diverse Cymru, a charity committed to supporting people faced with inequality and discrimination.

Jonathan Crespo presents the news on Saturdays. Born in South America and raised in Canada, Cardiff based trumpet player Jonathan has toured the world while backing some of the biggest names in music.

Anna Corbett presents World News on Sundays. Anna is a retired headteacher of an inner London school after a long career in education. She is on the verge of completing her first novel. Anna moved to Cardiff from London less than a year ago and is enjoying the vibrant South Wales jazz scene.

Xpress Radio‘s news team present our weekday afternoon updates. Xpress Radio is a student radio station based at Cardiff University, focused on current, popular and new music. It was founded in 1996 and is run by students, for students.