Drop Beats Not Bombs

Presented by Emmski

Tuesdays 8-9pm

Music is my life, my life is music!

This show is 100% aimed at the youth community in Cardiff, to come on the show and demonstrate their skills. Emmski is also a qualified and experienced youth worker and is as passionate about getting the youth from ‘the Diff’ heard, as much as she is passionate about music – PERFECT combination!

One of her favourite PTP’s (proper talented peeps) being Aleighcia Scott, with 2015 being her year in Emmski’s opinion. Not only does she have raw talent, but she also has a beautiful heart and soul, which is what Emmski loves about her.

Emmski is music mad, literally. Emmski started off at a very young age buying and collecting as many tunes as possible. First tune being Smash Hits 89 on cassette. But with her first paper round wage, she bought herself the Boyz n the Hood soundtrack and Kris Kross’s Jump on single.

Emmski got heavily into the jungle scene in the early and mid 90’s. She gave mixing a go, on a set of 1210s, but decided it was best left to the pro’s (lil bro Benny Blonko)!

Emmski then completed her BTEC Media Studies, got into Galaxy 101 Radio Academy in Bristol, completed the academy, and then started hospital radio on a voluntary basis in the late 90’s.

Ten years on Emmski decided to give it another bash in 2008. With the show Radio Cardiff’s Got Talent with Drop Beats Not Bombs. On the number one station that is Radio Cardiff…..went on to winning Best Female DJ in 2009, which she still struggles to understand how? But has much love for all the people that voted, concrete respect, Emmski salute!

Emmski’s favourite quote is “good music is good music no matter what its genre”. She likes anything from Marvyn Gaye to DR Dre, and especially the UK scene. Music is therapy in Emmski’s eyes & the cheapest psychiatrist out there!!

Did you know?

As well as being passionate about music, Emmski is also passionate about style, she is completely and utterly trainer and clothes mad, (treads to go with her threads) with a massive collection that she is trying to get into the Sneaker Pimp Book, as a serious trainer addict. She also travels all round Cardiff on her Kona bike.

Emmski is also a massive football fan, and a die hard Liverpool supporter. She loves boxing, cars, lions and animals in general, and keeping fit by jogging at the crack of dawn most days – but age and injuries are starting to take there toll!

She went paragliding from the highest mountain in Europe in 2010, which was one of her most epic, and scary experiences ever! She also believes that one day she is destined to win the lottery, even if it’s a tenner!

“Tie up those sneakers people, cuz Emmski coming thru your speakers!”

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