Georgina Sammut

No Frills Breakfast

with Georgina Sammut

Weekdays 7.00-9.00am

Georgina has loved music since the 1950’s when she started a Saturday job at the age of 14 and began buying 12 inch vinyl and 45 rpm records from her £2 10 shillings per day wage! She went on to buy tunes throughout the rest of her teen years in the 1960’s, from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones, Python Lee Jackson and many others including early roots, ska and reggae music.

Georgina got into The Doors (Jim Morrison) and Jimi Hendrix in the 1970’s until the two Jims sadly died. Then she progressed more heavily to reggae and R&B.

Georgina Sammut has been a member of the Radio Cardiff 98.7 FM Collective for over 20 years. She began her voluntary work with Gully and John Lenney Jnr back in the days of Bay FM, which was then located in James Street, Butetown.

Now nearing her 70th year Georgina continues to broadcast her No Frills Breakfast Show every Monday to Friday 7-9am and shows no sign of retiring. “As long as I can walk to the studio, I will do a show” is her philosophy, and long may she continue.

Did you know?

Originally Georgina was the receptionist at Bay FM, working mornings with Bumpy and the MTec crew. Then Bobby Smooth came in to do the Breakfast Show. In those days most of the women were in the background. Raggatron broke the mould and women became presenters and DJs soon after.

One day Bobby did not turn up and Gully said to Georgina that she would have to take his place and do his show!

That was it, Georgina became addicted to broadcasting and had her own show at various times during the day ever since, whilst holding down a job and bringing up her ever growing family.