Opportunity to get involved in new TV series on inequality in the UK

26th January 2018
The Garden Productions are a BAFTA award winning independent television production company.  They make television programmes for all the major broadcasters (channels) and are well known for their Channel 4 series, ’24 Hours in A&E’ and last year they made a very well received documentary for the BBC with Professor Green ‘Living in Poverty’.  You can see other things they make on our website www.thegardenproductions.tv  
They are making a three part television series for a major broadcaster exploring inequality in Britain. The series will look at some of the issues affecting people in Britain like unemployment, housing and education and explore how having access to these resources shapes our lives. The series will connect people from contrasting backgrounds, who are living different lives, bringing them together to live alongside each other for a significant period of time, in an immersive experience to highlight social issues in their communities. They are looking for participants from Cardiff and have asked VCS to help get the word out.

Have you been affected by austerity Britain?

Are you proud of where you live but wish more was being done to support local people?

Do you wish someone could experience a day in your life?

The Garden, makers of ‘24 hours in A&E’ are looking for people from all backgrounds, to take part in an exciting new series for a national broadcaster. The project is based on a real scheme that brings people together from different backgrounds.

To find out more please contact us in confidence and with no obligation to take part. Text, call or email:-

Tel:      020 7620 6777

Email: WGY@thegardenproductions.tv

To be eligible, all applicants must be over 18 and a UK resident. Any information you share with us is strictly confidential and kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act.