Connor Morgans to host new Saturday morning show from 6th January

Wake Up to the Weekend – Saturdays 7:00 – 8:00am

Find out what’s occurring in the capital city with a brand new take on weekend breakfast with the high octane (and attempted humour) presenter and radio jack-of-all-trades; Connor Morgans….

I, Connor Morgans will be taking the hot seat of VCS Radio Cardiff’s newest show airing live across the capital city on FM and worldwide via online and the app from 7am, every Saturday!
I will still be taking forward in to my brand new show, my 5am Sunday repeat slot, Future Classic and my unpredictable random tid-bits such as, Cooking with Marshmello and my Small Story, Big Mistake of the Week. The biggest thing with the show is to wake you up to the low down of the capital cities events, from rugby matches and festivals to pub gigs and events.
As ever, the biggest singles will be played every single week, making sure you are absolutely up to date (if not ahead) of the big tracks to come! Don’t worry, light will still be shed on to those amazing and upcoming artists from within Wales. I am very excited to take on board this brand new show and it’s an honour as the longest serving presenter of Youth Beats to craft and sculpt a more unique and personally-inspired project and show.
Make sure you don’t miss it! Debut show live from 7am on the 6th of January.