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We are Cardiff’s award-winning local radio station – broadcasting a diversity of music styles, local & national news and community interest programmes, every day. 

Each week, over 100 volunteers share their passion for music and the communities that make the ‘Diff their home. You’ll hear us on the street, in coffee shops and down the local.

We offer an alternative to mainstream BBC and Commercial radio stations with our distinctive blend of music and speech programming.  You’ll hear Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Blues, House, Soca, RnB, Hip-Hop, Ska and Funk – presented by people with a genuine passion for the music they play; local & national news; and magazine shows on topics like the Arts; Sports; Local History; Mental Health; Race Equality; Science and Wellbeing.

Ours is the only community radio station in the City (and indeed the only terrestrial station of any kind that broadcasts exclusively to Cardiff) and we are proud to give a voice to the diverse communities living in what is both one of the oldest established multi-cultural areas in the UK, and the youngest Capital City in Europe.

We started broadcasting in October 2007, and are now part of VCS Cymru a charity which has been serving Cardiff with volunteering and social action initiatives since 1964. We are an established part of the City’s life and each week we reach an estimated audience of around 26,000 listeners.

The station is run by a volunteer Management Committee led by our Head of Radio (Donna Zammit), and made up of programme makers, broadcasters and local people. It is directly responsible to the Trustee Board of Voluntary Community Service (VCS) Cymru Ltd – a registered charity and a company registered in England & Wales, which operates the broadcast licence. We are regulated by Ofcom.

Being part of VCS Cymru means that we have greater capacity to encourage and support the involvement of local people from all backgrounds, no matter what barriers there may be. Our volunteer pool consists of a diverse mix of experienced radio presenters & volunteers, and people just starting out in radio.

We offer a range of engaging volunteering opportunities to local people – providing training and support to help people improve their lives by becoming part of a thriving team, learning new skills and getting to put them into practice.

VCS Radio Cardiff is an active member of the Community Media Association (CMA).

The CMA is is recognised by Government, Ofcom and industry as the voice of the UK community media sector and it regularly contributes to consultations on media and communications policy. CMA members work throughout the UK in radio, television and new media.

The CMA’s mission is to enable people to establish and develop communications media for cultural and creative expression, community development and entertainment. The CMA membership consists of 250 community media organisations plus more than 300 individuals and associate organisations.

You can listen to VCS Radio Cardiff on 98.7 FM in the City, online and via our FREE app. You can now take the #SoundOfTheDiff with you wherever you go.  Just search Radio Cardiff in your app store to download to your mobile or tablet.

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The ‘Diff is our sound, and we loves it!






The broadcast licence for Radio Cardiff is owned and operated by Voluntary Community Service (Cymru) Limited, a charity registered in England and Wales. Charity Registration No.1066371.

The station’s day-to-day operations are delegated to a Management Committee made up of trustees, volunteers, and community members.

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VCS Radio Cardiff
License Number: CR000094BA/3
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