We broadcast on a terrestrial frequency of 98.7 FM and stream online via TuneIn [opens in new window]. We also have an app for smartphones and tablets which is free to download.

Over 65 volunteers are regularly involved in creating content for the station, providing distinctive community-oriented programming which has an estimated weekly reach of 26,365.

Our story

The station launched in October 2007, and has since established a unique role in the life of the city. We’re the only community radio station in Cardiff,  and have a specific remit to broadcast music and programmes of interest to our city’s diverse and multi-cultural population. We deliver programming which heightens cultural awareness and which spreads information that is relevant to our target communities.

Our station showcases the rich cultural diversity of Cardiff, and provides training opportunities for members of our target audience. We broadcast content that is popular and relevant to a local and specific audience which can often be overlooked. We play music that reflects the rich and multi-cultural heritage of Cardiff, which has one of the oldest BME communities in the UK.

Our shows

The cultural heritage of these communities is reflected in our station music policy, which includes:

  • soul
  • reggae
  • R&B
  • funk
  • jazz
  • blues
  • soca
  • calypso
  • bhangra
  • hip-hop
  • ska
  • world music
  • house music
  • rock, and
  • drum & bass.

As well as a wide variety of music, our talk-based shows cover a variety of different topics including:

  • local history
  • mental health & wellbeing
  • equality issues
  • community & voluntary sector
  • sports
  • Welsh language
  • creative arts, and
  • science.

Find out what’s on offer in our shows section.

Our governance

The operating licence for Radio Cardiff is held by Voluntary Community Service (Cymru) Limited [opens in new window] (VCS) – a social action organisation established in Cardiff in 1964. VCS Cymru is a registered charity (Charity No, 1066371); and a company limited by guarantee.

Radio Cardiff is steered by a management committee which acts as a sub-group to the VCS Board. The management committee is made up of local people and broadcasters. VCS is a member of the Community Media Association [opens in new window].

Head of Radio – Donna Zammit

Programme Controller – Rhys Phillips