Sunday 8:00-10:00am

Gospel Raph probably presents the most varied range of musical genres on Radio Cardiff. If you like classical, Motown, rap, RnB, soul, reggae or country even opera you will find it here. Whatever your age, you will not be disappointed that you tuned in.

The show is divided into two halves each last one hour; the first section of the show comprises an interview mixed with worship and easy listening music. In the second hour, the music takes on an up-tempo beat to prepare you for the rest of your day.

Gospel Raph’s parents came to Britain in 1951 and are known to have pioneered the first West Indian Pentecostal Church in Birmingham and Wales. Music was a way of life to his family as they brought a vibrant style of worshiping God to the nation of Wales.

As a child growing up in such a rich heritage of music you would expect it to be in his nature as it was with his father and siblings, (his brother has had a few number 1’s in the UK charts). His talents seemed to lie elsewhere, such as in sport where he was a professional boxer training with some of the boxing greats.

Gospel Raph had an encounter with Jesus Christ in 1992 after leaving a night club and has never been the same since ‘thank God’ if you knew Raphael before he became a Christian you would know only ‘God’ could change him. See his testimony on his website below!

When people usually think of gospel music they picture a black choir, or someone old from back in the cotton picking days or maybe ‘Oh happy day’ from Sister Act. Gospel has been limited to a small genre of sacred music. Consider the phrase ‘Gospel’ meaning good news. His aim is to help move the stigma of the old style mentality and let people hear music with meaning that will bless your soul.

Gospel Raph’s motto is ‘Tune in and be blessed’. Sam Cooke said “songs have been known to lift heavy burdens if all of our troubles to God we bring” – this show will uplift and encourage all listeners, so tune in and be blessed!