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Weekly programme looking at aspects of the legal system with Solicitor Elizabeth Jones

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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth was called to the Bar in 2005 and dual qualified as a practising Solicitor in 2008. Specialising in civil law, her practice areas have covered personal injury, legal costs and private client matters. Having commenced her legal experience at NewLaw Solicitors, she became a Director of CIQ Costs Solicitors which became the largest costs firm in Wales. Having also worked at Leo Abse & Cohen as well as large national firms in the City of London, Elizabeth has driven and restructured businesses to ensure client care and service standards are met. Elizabeth has also lectured in Criminal Law and Contract Law on the LLB programme and her particular research interest is in Art Law. As one of the senior members within the practice, with experience from the County Court up to the Court of Appeal Elizabeth is dedicated to assisting clients and delivering a legal service they require.